Your Comments & Reviews about Commercial Vendors ???

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Your Comments & Reviews about Commercial Vendors ???

Post by Peter_Ramish »

Although this BBS is mostly concerned with information about DIY extractions, I thought i would toss out a general inquiry, a "call for papers" if you will.

I am interested to know of your experiences with the niche part of the 'commercial-world' that extracts NETs and then markets them to vapers. I did this sort of review with the Black Note products. But there are, actually, many more of these vendors out there. Have you had any experience with the extractions from (but not just limited to this following list..)

Have you used products from any of the following in 'hybrid blends' with your DIY? Or, do you have comments on the value of their products as 'stand alone vapes' ?
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Re: Your Comments & Reviews about Commercial Vendors ???

Post by Kinnikinnick »

Back in ‘15, after a year and a half of trying to mix a synthetic tobacco liquid that would mimic real tobacco in vape form, I discovered NET.

Much of my online review research pointed me to naturally-extracted-tobacco dot com. I took the plunge and ordered 15 different premixed liquids from that vendor; a wide range of tobacco types. From that point on, I never went back to synthetic tobacco liquids.

I never tried any other NET vendor afterwards. That was also about the time, after much online research on how to make NET, I said to myself, “Heck... I can make NET!”. Turn the clock forward five and a half years and I’m still churning out my own NET.

I found the liquids from NET dot com to be exactly what I was looking for in a tobacco vape; pure and unadulterated tobacco flavor. They won me over with their product, and it was their product that made me decided to produce my own NET.

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