VA/Per Samples recieved from @Kinniknnick

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VA/Per Samples recieved from @Kinniknnick

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Kinniknnick 14ea Test Samples Received on 3/05/2019:
SAMPLES sent by Kinnik on 3/05/2019
test mixed at: 6ml / 2ml sample/ 0.6 nic
Va or Va/Per leaf extractions (all PG):

(Numerical ratings for my own reference, meaningless otherwise..)
8.9 - Dunhill Royal Yacht A true VaPer in a class by itself, excellent as a pure example of the breed.
8.0 - C&D Bayou Morning - almost a true VaPer but with some added vanilla topping but good and luckily they didn’t get too carried away with the topping.
8.0 - Peterson Irish Oak (PG) a deep nutty, woodsy tone from Burley; balanced by sweetness from Virginias, light on the Perique; some Cavendish , a desert blend. very nice
7.9 - C&D Shandygaff (PG/PGA Hybrid) Like a milder but sweeter haunted bookshop, a little too aromatic exhale/room note for me, but the EA combo extraction has worked perfect for this one
7.5 - Newminster 403 Superior Round (PG) I really like the core of this which is a Dark Fired Kentucky, but an overlay of Virginia gives it a sweet top note with hints of cocoa and coffee. A split personality mix which becomes distracting over the long haul. This is a desert class a little cherry-sweet vape, nice for what it is, not complex, could become a little boring after a while. Inermixed with the sweet cherry top note is a slight hint of walnut wood and dry nutmeg top note.
5.5 - C&D Exclusive (dull monochromatic tobacco, kind of uninteresting) Maybe my taste buds just missed the point here. Sometimes that happens. I will re-sample again next week.
5.0 - H&H Louisiana Red - supposedly blended by Russ Ouellette, but the Virginias (or a topping?) are too rich & sweet, overpowering the Perique, a definite aromatic perfumed sweetness that is a little too much for me personally, and that perfume persists as a room note.
4.0 - H&H Anniversary Kake - very very mild almost non existent tobacco, mostly a nasty sweet liquor rum like topping, almost un-vapeable

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