Please Allow Me, to Introduce Myself,

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Please Allow Me, to Introduce Myself,

Post by Hourman »

Greetings, All.
I joined a couple of weeks ago and this is my first post. I am just entering the realm of DIY NET's. I've been vaping instead of cigarette smoking for almost 2 years now and DIY mixing right from the start. My first taste of tobacco flavored e-juice was only a couple of months ago. I had been avoiding them because most all commercial and even DIY juices are attempting to duplicate cigarette flavors, and that was the last thing I wanted. I smoked them for over 40 years and never liked the flavor then. What I do like is nicotine and, unfortunately, prior to the rise of vaping, cigarettes were the most efficient, yet worst tasting, delivery system. during that very long time period, I also smoked a pipe for the flavor it delivers. I tried to get into cigars several different times, but the cheap ones just never satisfied me and the good ones were way beyond my budget. So I was essentially a dual user of cigarettes and pipes. Cigs for the nicotine and pipes for the broader tobacco experience and flavor. True confession time: I am still a dual user, but now it's vaping for the nicotine and pipes for flavor. I've chased high nicotine pipe tobacco and, again, it just doesn't satisfy my need. Vaping, on the other hand gives me all the nicotine I need, with the additional benefit of all the flavors I could ask for. Since I don't inhale my pipe tobacco, and never did, I just don't see it as harmful enough for me to give up.

If only I could get those rich, complex tobacco flavors from vaping, maybe I could have the best of both worlds. After seeing multiple reviewers raveing about NET e-juice, I thought I would give it a try. I placed a flavoring order with Stixx Mixx; 30 ml. of Old English, 10 ml. of Latakia, and 10 ml. of Yenidje. (I enjoy many different styles of tobacco, but if I had to choose just one favorite, which is exactly what I was doing, it would be a Balkan style "English Pipe Shop" blend) I mixed these three flavors in a couple of different variations and found a recipe which suits me very well. I like this a lot, but do not intend to keep buying premium priced flavorings.

I began my research into DIY NET's on the ELR forum. There is a fair amount of information there, but much of it is out of date, and I needed more knowledge from actual practitioners, not just blow hard wanna bee's. I found a link to this site and think that maybe, just maybe, I have found what I've been looking for. I will begin interacting here and see how things develop. Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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Re: Please Allow Me, to Introduce Myself,

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Welcome, Hourman. I hope you find all the helpful info you need here. I know I have received a lot of great advice.

I think you'll be able to kick the pipe tobacco smoking if you want to. I've found the pipe blends I've vaped to be the closest experience to smoking out of any tobacco. The cigars are a little trickier but I have been making good strides.

Never smoked cigarettes myself but when I sampled an extract of Mac Baren HH "Old Dark Fired," it was like what I imagined a high quality cigarette to be. Or at least, what I would like a cigarette to be if I made my own. Like a pure, smooth, tobacco flavor with a little depth. So I thought that was funny when I saw you were extracting it.

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Re: Please Allow Me, to Introduce Myself,

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Welcome Hourman ... and welcome to the realm of DIY NET.

With time, patience, trial/error, and reading the numerous posts of others describing their journey in the same realm, you will be producing your own NET which surpasses anything you might purchase today. How? Because, you will control the process and outcome.

Many years worth of my own experiences, processes, and outcomes are posted on ELR in the NET category. However, in my opinion, the posts of others are merely guidelines. In the future, you will create your own process, which will ultimately satisfy your senses.

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