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About this Topic Area - Experimental Hybrids & Clones

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In almost (but not quite) 100% of the vapes in my Rotation I have extracts from either Pure Leaf Varietals or a few carefully selected commercial blending houses.

There really is almost no situation when I mix two or more blends with either themselves or with Varietals in an effort to out-do what is already there. Usually those effort are futile and most fail.

However, in a couple of cases, it is worth it to me to fool around in this territory. One is to Clone particular outstanding professional commercial blends that have gone out of existence. Two examples come to mind: one is Dunhills Royal Yacht, and the other is McClelland Dominican Glory, Maduro. Related to this is the 're-creation' of premium cigar profiles. Since very high quality cigar leaf types are available from vendors like LO, it is possible to have a series of extractions that represent all the makings of a premium cigar. It is possible, with good skills, to combine these in a recipe that mimics your favorite cigar. An example listing and taste review of such cigar filler extractions is here in the BBS at: http://diy-tobacco-net.epizy.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16

The other case is, of course the rare use of Tobacco NETs with commercial synthetic flavoring agents for the purpose of making the cigarette-work-alike that you hear talked about constantly on "those other forums" around the internet. I will admit I have done a little of that sort of recipe creation to accommodate a few personal friends that are experimenting with vaping as a means to quit smoking combustibles.

So since I have a few of the recipes I thought it might be nice to have a place to display them, and get your input on how they might be improved, or hear about anything similar that you have had luck with. I defiantly don't want to start in on extensive discussions of "synths" here, as the purpose of this BBS is pretty much Tobacco Centric, but the subject does exist, and to my way of thinking, it has merit in a few special use cases.

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