Swisher Sweet Cigar

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Swisher Sweet Cigar

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I don't know if this really is like the old Swisher Sweets, but it is the only name I could think of that is anywhere close to the profile :lol:

I am a total newbie and never really messed with synths at all, so this is really a stab in the dark for me, but it is vapabe and at least has not that choking synthetic syndrome that just turns me off from anything with synth. The issue I have with any hybrid / NET / Synth mix is that, for some reason, I get the flavor of the added in synth to stick out as a 'flavor node" or "nodule" above the NETs in that mix. I get this effect even if the synths are added at a very low precentage.

Surpisingly enough, the Nic vape Sweet Tobacco is added at a very high percentage here, but it does not cause any issues. I have done well using the NicVape products, besides INW they are the only syth manufacturer i have been able to vape.

Swisher Sweet:

0.5g - Nic 100mg/ml
0.5g - NET 84 Turkish
0.5g - NET McClelland Dominican Glory, Maduro
3.0g - NicVape SWEET Tobacco
8.0g - 25/75 PG/VG
0.2g - FlavorArt Vanilla Bourbon

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