INW Marlboro HYBRID:

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INW Marlboro HYBRID:

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Here is my take on a cig-work-a-like. Seems to work pretty well.
Let me know if you have something that works for you in this category of profiles.
I think it would be interesting to have a "note-book" of everyone efforts in this popular category.

INW Marlboro HYBRID:
10.0g - 25/75 pre-mixed PG/VG Base:
0.5g - INW DNB -
0.2g - INW Virginia Abs -
0.4g - INW Garuda Abs -
0.3g - Nic (100mg/ml)
3.0g - PreMixed Nicaraguan Ligero Cigar Filler

NOTES: This was tested on a Wotofo RDA Lush Plus for Vapor Cloud Chucking.
The PreMixed Nicaraguan Ligero Cigar Filler recipe is:
Nicaraguan Ligero Cigar Filler Production Mix:
Nic 0.6g
N.L.C.F 3.0g
PG 1.5g
VG 4.5g

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