e-Juice: Ready to vape 15ml NET Tobacco Variety

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e-Juice: Ready to vape 15ml NET Tobacco Variety

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I have always made a various number of ready to vape juices for my friends that are not into the hobby project of making their own juice. I have many years of experience blending tobacco extracts. If you have something particular in mind in terms of a flavor profile then why not drop me a note describing it, and I will see if I have a suggestion for you.

These following standard samples fall into a Dozen or so categories. You can choose between them or just get one of each type to get your feet wet, or you can request a particular flavor profile other than the folowing items.

Please keep in mind that these ARE NOT intended for high wattage cloud blowing setups. These are for single coil low wattage units like Berserkers and so forth. I can make any Nic content you want, so specify that when you order.

In 15ml in Glass Bottle, You specifiy your desired Nic Content when ordering:
* - These are NOT Extracts, but READY TO VAPE e-juice !!!
1.) Light American Cig-A-Like
2.) Medium American Cig-A-Like
3.) Sweet Blend, an aromatic and light pipe experience.
4.) Kentucky Blend, non aromatic, well rounded smotth
5.) Fronto pure cigar leaf
6.) Vision Hunter Fire Tribal Tobacco, and expert blend of Sweet Virginia/Turkish - aromatic nice, delicate,
7.) C&D Bailey Front Porch, dense, smokey, chocolate top, mild, light American english maduro flavor
8.) C&D Mississippi Mud, English Latikia forward, but not extreme, smooth.
9.) MATCH Revelation, very mild with a distinct plum room note
10.) C&D Haunted Bookshop, The classic and excellent Engligh Smoke Shop Blend
11.) Missouri Meerschaum: American Patriot, a true classic
12.) D&R Ryback, Interesting light sweet aromatic room note with a fruity character, almost like from a cherry flavor casing
13.) Lane Cohiba, a mild pleasent ADV with a firm solid tobacco base, but a lighter slightly sweet top, excellent!

Price is $5 each bottle with $8.95 flat rate shipping.

Questions or Interests?
I have other hardware for sale in this area of the BBS.
If you want to combine any number of them then I can ship for one flat rate of $12.95

email PeterRamish@iCloud.com

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