Here's The Current Vapeable Rotations

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Here's The Current Vapeable Rotations

Post by 50YearsOfCigars »

Updated on 03/25/2021

1 .Drag Mini Siren V2 C&D Bayou Morning
2 joytech Black Serpent Mini Swisher Sweet
3. MOJO Silver Berserker Tabac Manil LaBrumeuse
4. Pico Black Black Berserker- 1/2PS314 Dark Fired 1/2McBaren Dark Fired
5. joytech Grey Black Berserker - Lane Cohiba
6.Jac Vapour Siren V2 K.Sample Royal Yacht
7 white joytech reserved for various SFT
Just for fun I thought I would provide the above list of current description of the Tobacco Extractions that I have in my ADV rotation.

This rotation varies over time with some sample coming and going, but recently, over the last 6 months or so, I have been very consistent with what is in the rotations, and certain items tends to stay around for long periods of time.

For a little background on this, I used to have almost a dozen temp and wattage controlled mods that had an ever changing list of various Kayfuns and some Berserker Minis, Siren2, and a few others. They held a wide variety of extraction types, and these types rotated and varied with surprising frequency

Recently I decided to dial back that to only 6 daily working units. That has the effect that now I am puffing on fewer varieties for a longer continuous taste experience on each one in turn. I feel that this gives a better representation of the experience of each one over time.

Another factor in my decision to do this is because I have become a little more 'selfish' and am vaping to please my own taste buds and palate. What I meany by that is many samples that I extracted I did so in the interest of pulling as many extractions as possible from as many different tobacco samples as possible. You can think of this as similar to the coffee aficionado that is roasting small batches from many different sources. You can also think of it like a tourist that books a whirl-wind flight to a foreign country and chooses an itinerary of dozens and dozens of short stops, many more stops than he could possibly see and fully understand and enjoy because of the extreme time limitations imposed at each point in the journey.

So here is the "new" rotation and it is stable in the timeframe of, perhaps ,any given month, but then it changes. So this is not "fixed in stone", but the changes are occurring much more slowly than they used to. For me this is a very new way of experiencing the pleasures of vaping NETs.

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Re: Here's The Current Working Extractions

Post by Peter_Ramish »

Here is a group that was originally reserved for blending, but now is on my list of "give to the needy"

can you use any of these? I have about 30 mls of extract of each, some more, some less:

La Gloria Cubana Real Cigar extraction #5
Cornell & Diehl - Gray Ghost #40
Perique Leaf Extraction - #21
Aged Nicaraguan Ligero Jalapaa- #52
C&D Habana Daydream #48
Vision Hunter Fire Tribal Tobacco #51
C&D Pegasus #38
Match Revelation #36A
C&D Izmir Turkish #23
H&H Virginia Spice Pipe Tobacco #49
Peter Stokkebye 84 Turkish #33
Lane La Gloria Cubana #31-A
M.M American Patriot #50
Morleys Best #37
Jose Marti #32
Semi-Orienta l#16
Burley -Leaf Only #10
Fronto Leaf Only #29
Haunted Bookshop EA Mix— #34A
American Virginia Flue Cured #45
Paraguayan Criollo Ligero Filler #60
Indonesian Sumatra Seco #61
Aged Nicaraguan Seco Jalapa #62
Dominican Seco Criollo #63
C&D Bayou Morning #71
Peterson Irish Cask #72
Brightleaf Virginia Flue Cured - Sweet

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