Tabac Manil: La Brumeuse

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Tabac Manil: La Brumeuse

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Use Case: If you are looking for a fast extracting minimally processed or pure leaf that will give you a vape that is as close to Cuban Cigar flavor profiles as you can get. Use as an ADV Cigar Vape or will serve you well as a Blender to add Cigar Flavor to various Hybrids.

Pros and Cons: The Pros are that this is a minimally processed pure leaf with, as a bonus, a fascinating historical background. It is a hand made boutique tobacco that is quite rare, so you get bragging rights that your are not extracting vin ordinare ! There are really no cons. This is a fast extracting tobacco, I used a 12hr Ultra-Sonic Bump Start of 28g/150ml PG and got excellent results immediately. I think a 3 to 6 month extended jar time will just make the extract better and better.

Credits: I want to thank @Kinnikinnick for turning me on to this one. He has a way of unearthing really special finds, and this one is at the top of his achievements.

Here is some fascinating information about this amazing boutique tobacco and a great read if you have a few minutes: ... lgium.html

Tobacco That’s So Brooklyn but Made in Belgium

Deep in the Ardennes, there’s a man who lives out of time, tending a strange, near-mythic tobacco as if life depended on the pleasure of a pipe.

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